Our firm was formed with the goal of giving individual clients the focus and attention they and their transactions deserved. Quality over quantity perfectly sums up our vision of success.  The word “kratos” means mighty with great strength and power. By focusing our attention on a more select number of clients we achieve our goal of excellence in our field. The power of focus is at the core of the Kratos Capital mindset. 

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We pride ourselves on creating customized solutions that result in maximizing transaction value for sellers. Each company reflects the character and characteristics that its owners bring to it. No two companies are ever alike. Their exit strategy shouldn’t be either. We believe that the “cookie cutter” approach often proposed by other firms to helping their clients is rarely the most efficient or cost effective approach, in most cases this approach creates deal fatigue and a frustrated client. Allow for one of our bankers to perform a customized Economic Reality Analysis (ERA)© and together we can determine if we can serve you, if not, at least you have a real time sense of your exit reality.

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