Your business is unique. So is our process.

Kratos Capital supports a select group of middle market business owners in the sale of their companies to both strategic and private equity buyers. While it is our ultimate goal to help our clients realize the maximum value of their businesses – the money is only part of the equation.

Our team understands your need to balance maximizing your business’s value with that of your other priorities (the day to day of work, your family etc.). Helping you maintain this balance is core to our empathy-first approach to support your business sale.

Our investment banker team will closely manage your business sale while maintaining high process visibility, frequent communication and sharing expert opinions from the inception to the close of your transaction. Focusing on the human elements of your transaction while championing the nuts and bolts on the day to day allows our clients to rest assured that they have a true partner in Kratos.

Strategic on Day 1

All client engagements start with a strategic plan specific to your company and needs. We don’t just solicit and sell, we craft a unique plan to achieve your goals on day one.

Lever Relationships + Data

Most bankers sell within a fairly common pool of buyers. Few like to admit this, but it is true. Unlike many firms, Kratos has a proven track record working with the highest quality buyers proven in more than 200 transactions. While we lead with relationships, we also have significant access to data and research resources to ensure you have the highest chance of success.

Negotiating for Success

We negotiate with more than value in mind. Meeting your personal and professional goals simultaneously takes a unique perspective on transaction negotiation and deal structure that few other firms have.

Full Cycle Process Management

Our operating network includes Legal, Accounting and Transition Planning specialists all tasked with ensuring your transactions closes with minimal issues. While some M&A advisors focus on your business sale, we focus on the entire planning, execution and post sale integration process.

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