Solutions As Unique As Your Business

While most M&A advisory firms focus solely on convincing you to sell your company we recognize that there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution for all business owners. Each company reflects the character and characteristics that its owners bring to it. As such we offer a number of support services to help business owners at all stages of the business cycle; from growth to exit and beyond.

Using a unique process called an Economic Reality Analysis (ERA©) our investment bankers can accurately assess how we can best serve you. The wealth of information our ERA© yields will provide you with a real time sense of your exit or growth reality or can be used to assess the validity of a buy-side investment opportunity.

Capital Sourcing

Is your company missing growth opportunities due to a capital shortage?

Sourcing capital is about more than just the money at hand. The most successful capital raise projects are based on a deep understanding of the company’s short and long term goals, its operating model and its fit in the market.

We start each capital sourcing project by investing a significant amount of time and resources into truly understanding your company dynamics and needs. This limits the over exposure of your company in the market and ensures that we only vette opportunities from well fitting capital providers.

Working Capital

Helping companies smooth out the stressful ebb and flow of cash management in critical times of operation

Growth Capital

Allowing companies to fully maximize their growth potential by deploying capital for key initiatives without compromise

Debt Structuring

Ensuring the financial health of your balance sheet and allowing you to fully lever debt on the best terms

Management Buyouts

Allowing business owners to pursue alternatives to traditional business sale strategies and curating true ‘win win’ transactions for legacy operating teams

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