If you’re an aging boomer business owner, selling your company is likely something you’re considering. Is now the right time? Many put off this life-altering decision, but by waiting too long these major decisions could be made for you. Economic impact, industry changes, competition, health and other factors could usher in a transition all their own.

Those wishing to remain in control need to begin planning ahead and developing a transition strategy. If you’re just getting your head around the idea of selling a great place to start is our white papers. These data-rich articles offer a great starting point for those seeking to educate themselves on the sell-side process.  Need assistance navigating industry jargon? We’ve added a glossary to our site to ensure our clients are all well-versed in banking terminology and financial terms. Interested in quick answers to pressing questions? These FAQs will address most topics.

Now back to the question: is now the right time for you to sell your business. Many factors come into play to answer this important question. But if you’re a boomer and you’re even considering a sale, education and early planning are crucial for maximizing your sale price and easing the transition process. Feel free to contact us to field and lingering questions you have or to discuss conducting an Economic Reality Analysis (ERA)© of your business. Our analysis will arm you to make informed decisions about your next steps – whether or not you choose us as your advisors.