You’ve decided the time is right to move on from the business you’ve built. Now the question top of mind: how long will it take? The answer is: perhaps longer than you might expect. For this reason, savvy business owners begin strategizing as far in advance as possible to ease the transition and maximize gains.

CEOs that begin building relationships with investment bankers far in advance of their exit typically find that the sale process becomes extremely efficient. This strategy accelerates the investment bank selection process when the time to exit does come, and also ensures that the selected banker has a clear understanding of the company executive’s exit goals. This allows a buyer list to be built more quickly, and facilitates negotiations at a faster pace.

Those company leaders who postpone the creation of a deal team risk missing out on the right opportunity due to poor timing or settling for subpar representation. Beginning the sale process without an investment bank easily adds 6-8 months to the process.

The answer, then, is that the length of time to sell your company has much to do with how you prepare. Proper planning sets the stage for a smoother, faster sale with a better outcome for all parties involved. As importantly, being informed and choosing your deal team are important decisions you need to consider carefully.

We pride ourselves on creating customized solutions that maximize transaction value for sellers. Each company reflects the character and characteristics that its owners bring to it – meaning no two companies are ever alike. If you’re considering selling your company, contact us allow us to perform a customized Economic Reality Analysis (ERA)©.  This thorough process will give you a real time sense of your exit reality.