The decision to sell your company is an important one, and great finesse will be required to make a graceful exit and achieve your desired outcome. While many can agree that bringing in legal expertise to the table is an smart decision, choosing to add an M&A advisor is equally important. Adding this strategic player to your deal team will significantly impact the fluidity of the transaction process as well as sale price. 

Negotiating the sale of your company is an instance where an outside perspective is extremely beneficial. The right advisor or advisory team will provide the necessary perspective. They will also possess years of expertise to skillfully lead you through the complex and challenging transaction process from start to finish. 

Here are just a few of the myriad benefits a skilled M&A advisor will deliver:

    This won’t be your advisor’s first rodeo. They will skillfully guide you through the more challenging points of the transaction process. Selecting the right M&A partner will put you at ease, knowing they have the experience necessary to manage the transaction process and the ethical commitment to keep your best interests at the forefront of the transaction. 
    Often, going it alone also means only having a vague sense of the value of your business. Leveraging an experienced advisor will also ensure you are equipped with a real world assessment of the value your business holds in the eyes of buyers and a realistic financial goal for the transaction. 
    The key to successfully selling your business will ultimately come down to finding the right buyer. Often that buyer is not an obvious choice. Your M&A advisor understands how to quietly market your company to the right audience and develop a unique set of selling opportunities you otherwise would not have achieved. 
    By leveraging the skills of an advisor you’ll be able to stay focused on your present activity: running your business. Keeping things humming at this crucial time will is essential, since your financials and future outlook will be under close examination. Your M&A advisor will take on the burden of the granular details of the transaction process allowing you to stay focused on your goals and managing your exit. 
    Stagnation and loss of enthusiasm – on both sides of the table – are all too often deal killers. Your M&A advisor will be able to keep the join enthusiasm and forward flow of the deal going, and ensure the transaction process is smooth from start to finish. 
    Too often the minutiae distract business owners from the bigger picture. Bringing in an advisor will lend structure to the process and allow all involved to stay keyed in on the desired outcome versus having attention diverted by distractions along the way. A skilled and experienced advisor will be able to guide you through the delicate process of the sale and help you stay focused on the ultimate outcome. 
    Negotiations are part economics, part emotion. By leveraging the services and expertise of an highly skilled outside party, you’ll be able to keep your cool during what can often be a bracing negotiation process. While keeping you abreast of every step, your advisor will be at the forefront of the more tense aspects of the negotiation. Thus allowing you to keep your emotions in check.

Choose your M&A partner wisely and you’ll find you actually enjoy the transaction and the resulting sale. Like any major business decision, research is key. Study up on the various teams and select a partner with goals, ethics and a vision of success in line with your own.